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  • Pre-qualify yourself by
    determining if you suffer from
    any of the required qualifying
    conditions.  If your regular
    physician is referring you to our
    clinic office, please have them
    contact us prior to your

  • Get Registered as an MMMRC

  • Bring your medical records  to
    MMMRC for review.

  • Come in for your initial
It's that easy.  And MMMRC is fast!  When you arrive for your appointment,
you'll fill out a short registration form and your medical records will be copied
into your chart.
 A MMMRC staff member will keep you informed and updated
on your progress all the way through.

Contact MMMRC to get registered in person at our clinic office, or get
registered from the privacy of your own home by registering online.  It is
absolutely free to register, and there are NO CHARGES unless a Certification
is issued!
The Marquette Medical Marihuana Registration Center provides medical marijuana evaluations, from licensed, local
medical doctors, for qualified patients under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008. MMMRC Certification Clinics are
open M
onday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Our local physicians are in our clinic offices every day. There's no need
to wait weeks for an appointment at monthly clinics with travelling doctors. MMMRC helps local people every day. No
chiropractor visits or appointment required! Upon Certification from an MMMRC physician, a patient is permitted to apply to
the State of Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry and become a legal user of medical marijuana in the state of Michigan.

MMMRC Clinics has officially ended its relationship with Dr. Larry F. Carlyon MD, and Keweenaw Hydroponics in
Houghton, MI. Dr. Larry F. Carlyon, MD, and Keweenaw Hydroponics are no longer in any way affiliated with MMMRC
Clinics. Patients should feel confident that MMMRC Clinics has retained the services of Michigan licensed physicians to
provide service to patients of our clinics. We're confident that our physicians will help us provide an even greater level
of service to our patients. Be aware, that some patients are receiving postcards and letters from MMMCClinics that may
confuse patients into believing that our phone numbers and address have changed. They have not. Our office phone
number is still (906) 228-2999 & we're not in Ishpeming.
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